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Free press and free speech are being threatened

Though a relatively new resident in “almost” downtown Fallbrook, I do try to keep current on the politics of water – not enough of it anymore – and health and all the politics associated thereon.

Each Thursday, when I pick up this paper, quickly check the headlines and turn to the Opinion section, there is much to be observed on various opinions by us who occasionally write but have thoughts and ideas not always caught by journalists.

Since 1945 I have been a civilian here in San Diego County, Marine Corps for nearly four years from 1941, and in the 64 years very little has changed: water is still in demand and short supply. The present health bill, the flu fear and the politics is more acute than ever.

My own business, started in 1961, took almost two years for various zoning and permits (politics).

Water source and use is raising havoc with the increased costs and maneuvering by Rainbow Water and all suppliers.

The groves are dying, lawns almost disappearing and the continued threat of fire is a little discouraging.

The Opinion page outlet exposes writers’ concerns on high hospital costs and the real messed up United States Congress with all the in-fighting about a 1,990-page bill that few have read.

Free press and free speech are being threatened, as well as this very paper. Many newspapers across the country are near bankruptcy with loss of advertising money. Let us all try to keep this open.


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