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Response to accident was perfect

I had a trip-fall accident entering the Bonsall ARCO gasoline station office on October 22. The staff’s response was so thoughtful and well executed that I wanted to compliment them publicly.

I was approaching the station to pay my deposit. I had my wallet in my right hand and had glanced toward it when my left foot missed the second step and my head came crashing own on the concrete threshold.

There was lots of blood. As I was raising my head, I heard a voice saying, “I have called 9-1-1 and the ambulance is on the way. What is your name and address?” I told her my name and that I lived at Silvergate.

Next, an employee handed me my car keys and told me he had moved and parked it in a safe location, and asked me to put the keys in my pocket. Then, another individual handed me my wallet.

As I was being helped up, another employee appeared, opening a fresh roll of paper towels and started cleaning the blood that was on my hands, clothes, etc. Minutes later, the EMT wagon pulled up and transferred me to the emergency entrance of Fallbrook Hospital, where Jeanne, our Silvergate head of nursing, was waiting.

Everything really went well at ARCO. I was really thankful and impressed with their handling this scary situation. Nothing was broken. I got the stitches out on the 30th and am doing okay.


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