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Healing Rooms restore faith and wholeness

Prayer is a staple for people of faith across the world. Many believe that prayer can strengthen faith, create a deeper connection with God and, in certain cases, stimulate miracles.

In September 2002, the Fallbrook Healing Rooms were founded upon these beliefs. Thousands of individuals who have come into these rooms for prayer and intercession say they have felt and seen the difference that prayer can make in their lives.

The Healing Rooms in Fallbrook are a part of the International Association of Healing Rooms, founded in the 1930s by a missionary with the gift of healing in Spokane, WA.

Currently, there are more than 1,000 healing rooms internationally, all with the same purpose and goal: to help others get closer to God and receive healing.

The intercessory prayer that occurs in the Healing Rooms is not just a simple prayer. In order to be prayed for, individuals must fill out a form explaining what petition they need prayer for.

Each interceding volunteer, called a “Pray-er,” has been specially trained to pray for others’ needs. These individuals are from various denominations and have been preapproved by their pastors to minister to others.

“We take the petitions into a back room and then pray over them,” said Marilyn Arledge, director of the rooms. “We ask God for direction before praying with the person.”

Individuals struggling with medical, psychological and emotional problems can come into the Healing Rooms and have comfort in knowing that their problems and conditions will be kept confidential.

Once prayer begins, it is reported that transformation happens.

“We had a pastor come in from the San Marino area who needed a hip replacement,” said Arledge. “He left after a prayer, and by the time he had gotten home, he was healed.”

The miraculous is commonplace in the Healing Rooms. The miracles are documented and placed in a binder to be shared with visitors or on the bulletin board in the waiting room.

“We have seen people be healed from strokes, fibromyalgia and the final stages of cancer,” said Arledge. “It’s hard to believe, but we have seen broken bones be healed. There was a person whose arm grew two inches in front of us.”

According to Arledge, some healings don’t happen instantaneously but instead occur several hours after the petitioner prays. Others are not healed at all.

“Other petitioners just need to be supported through prayer,” said Arledge. “We invite God into the circumstance.”

Those who regularly come for prayer are transformed, she said, regardless of their circumstances.

“We have seen people become totally changed,” said Arledge. “We had a woman who was physically bankrupt, with major addictions. Now, you can literally see the difference in her. We have seen depression broken off individuals and have even seen salvations.”

Those asking for prayer at the Healing Rooms are not the only ones impacted by prayer.

“We have seen amazing things,” said Arledge. “It’s very humbling to have the privilege to watch. The most common thing you’ll hear any of us saying during prayer is ‘wow.’ We’re always blown away.”

Arledge is not only someone who prays for others to receive an answer; she has also received a miracle through the Healing Rooms.

“Before we had the Healing Rooms, my daughter had a medical condition and needed heart surgery,” explained Arledge. “We went to the San Diego Healing Rooms and I hoped that when we went to the doctor, he would say, ‘Why are you here? There’s nothing wrong with you.’”

“When we went to the doctor, he said, ‘Why are you here?’” said Arledge. “My daughter had nothing wrong.”

Individuals are invited to come to the Healing Rooms as often as they wish, without worry of cost.

“We have no paid personnel on staff,” said Arledge. “We run completely on individuals’ donations.”

The Fallbrook Healing Rooms are open on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information, e-mail

[email protected] or go to


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