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RE: 'To our military comrades at war with terrorists' [Letter, Village News, 11/12/09]

Joe Howard Crews just cannot get it right. He claims Obama (and likely other presidents) is “your Commander-in-Chief.” Presidents are Commander-in-Chief of the military only, except to start a war.

Presidents are not even president of the people. They are president of the executive branch of the federal government only. They have no constitutional control over people, nor of the states. Presidents do not have constitutional power to start wars. Only Congress does.

Yet Obama started a war in Pakistan after telling Americans during his campaign that he would end the wars. Obama wants to give more power to the Federal Reserve. Presidents do not have the power to give this private group of Banksters anything.

Obama is using Signing Statements to alter bills he signs into law. Presidents cannot legally alter Congressional bills without their approval. Presidents do not have the legal power to have Acorn or other groups “help” with the census.

Presidents do not have the power to deal with healthcare. Presidents do not have the power to take over or bailout businesses.

Unfortunately, presidents have taken on so many dictatorial powers for so long that most Americans believe they constitutionally have these powers.

Obama, Bush and most other presidents have committed perjury because they took an oath to obey the U.S. Constitution, but have not. And they never will as long as there are people defending and supporting such lawlessness.

This information is in our USA Constitution. Presidential powers are in Article II. Please visit


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