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Don't forget fire protection

I was talking to a friend last week about the possibilities of wildfires this season. He said, “It’s not the most pressing concern for me right now.” I asked if he has done anything to help protect his home this year and he replied, “No, I haven’t had time.”

I told him to ask himself how many people had that same state of mind when the fires roared through San Diego County. Although our firefighters try to do the best job they can, not all homes can be saved in the event of another fire. They have to pick the most defensible homes and ones they can get to without endangering their own lives. Who can blame them?

We have to take it upon ourselves to protect our own homes and not count on others to come to our aid. Make the defensible space around your home a priority. Get your own fire protecting gel and keep it on hand in case you need to leave and want to give your home the edge. If you’re going to stay, use the gel to put out spot fires as they pop up. The one I use attaches to my garden hose. It will cover about 4,000 sq ft. It is easy to handle and could save your life and home.

Be safe and most important, be prepared.

Dave Serven


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