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Don't buy new, fix yours with the help of Preferred Appliance Parts

When a home appliance is on the fritz, Preferred Appliance Parts can help ease the inconvenience and the impact on the pocketbook by supplying parts that successfully save clients money. In most cases, customers are able to avoiding the costly purchase of a new appliance.

“We provide parts for just about any major brand that’s out there,” said Chuck Wagner, business partner. “We have connections with the factories and also two of the biggest vendors in the United States.”

Preferred Appliance Parts primarily deals with major appliances, consisting of washer and dryers, refrigerators, ranges, garbage disposals, microwaves, dishwashers and even some air conditioning parts.

“We deliver the best service that we can at a reasonable price,” said Wagner.

Where other companies have customers waiting seven to 10 days for parts, Wagner has been known to acquire some parts the very next day. Speed is what Preferred Appliance Parts is all about.

“By coming to us, people don’t have to tangle with the Internet or deal with somebody out of state,” said Wagner, citing how people sometimes forget to calculate freight and shipping costs and end up receiving higher bills than they expect.

One of his customers, Wagner said, originally bought a glass door for an oven on the Internet because it was $10 cheaper. The glass was shattered when it arrived at his home. The customer had a “headache-of-a-time” trying to resolve the issue between the parts and freight companies, he explained.

“The man finally came back here and ordered the glass door for the oven,” Wagner said. “And when he asked me what would happen if that one came in broken, I told him it would be our problem, not his. We’d take care of it.”

Preferred Appliance Parts has storefronts in Murrieta and San Marcos. Wagner oversees the store in Murrieta, while his partner, John Shreve, takes charge of San Marcos.

When customers call or come in to either store, they deal directly with Wagner or Shreve. Both men have immense knowledge in their industry.

“I have been in the business, one way or the other, since 1967,” Wagner said. “I spent 15 years in the appliance parts end of it, then jumped to heating, air conditioning, and plumbing wholesale, and then came back to appliance parts again.”

His business partner, Shreve, has the same length of experience on the service side of the industry, said Wagner.

Homeowners have often leaned on the advice of Wagner and Shreve when attempting to repair an appliance on their own.

“If I think someone is in over their head, I’ll let them know,” he said. Wagner said he has a referral list of four appliance repairmen who he feels are trustworthy and fair.

Wagner understands that making a decision about whether to repair or purchase an appliance is a big one.

“We have a saying here that newer isn’t better,” Wagner said. “Appliances aren’t made like they used to be because the newer ones are just loaded with electronics.” If a repair cost matches half of what a new appliance would be, Wagner recommends still considering the repair.

However, if purchasing a major appliance is a must, Wagner urges individuals to do their homework.

“Make sure the machine you buy will have availability for those repair parts,” said Wagner.

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