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Quarries: no, yes, maybe

Liberty Quarry has many opponents as there is always a group or individual who claims NIMBY. I am not defending Granite, but certain points might be considered. Where would we be in this nation, or world, without building material? Yes, sand, rock and cement to make concrete. The source seems to always be in dispute.

Think of Mission Valley, formerly with corn crops, cattle ranches and eventually sand plants for material to construct roads, homes, factories and the uncountable amount of apartments. In place of sand plants, the valley is filled with beautiful hotels, restaurants and tens of thousands of residents.

Mission Bay is home to Sea World, hotels, miles of beaches, mobile home parks and vacation land for people around the world. The entire area used to be the end of San Diego River that spewed sand, silt and debris from the mountains and canyons into Mission Bay. Those millions of tons of silt mud flats were literally unusable until dredging, using that material, changed the entire landscape. It took planning and development.

Rainbow is much concerned, but what was Rainbow like before water wells and buildings? It was oak trees, sycamore, sage brush, a stream or two and looked much like back country seen from 20,000 feet five minutes out of Lindberg Field today.

Granite will likely build, Pala Casino is 24/7, Highway 76 will cross I-15 and all is well.

Look at the bright side.


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