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Peppertree Park map amendments hearing continued to Dec. 18

The county Planning Commission hearing to address a pair of proposed amendments to the subdivision map for Peppertree Park will now likely take place December 18.

The hearing was scheduled for December 4, but three all-day special meetings in November on the county’s general plan update were unable to address all public requests and discussion on specific communities continued into the morning of December 4.

Two planning commissioners were unable to stay for the entire day December 4, and shortly after 11:00 a.m. project attorney William Schwartz successfully asked for the continuance.

“We would like an opportunity to be heard by the full commission,” Schwartz said. “I just don’t want to rush this thing.”

Neither of the amendments affects zoning or density for the Peppertree Park project. One of the proposed amendments concerns the construction of the temporary fire access road while the other amendment would align a performance bond requirement with the phase when that work would actually be performed.

Peppertree Park has been in the processing stage since 1985, and in August 1991 the San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved a specific plan for the Peppertree Park Planned Residential Development. The specific plan for the 162.9-acre site called for 267 single-family detached dwelling units, or a density of 1.65 dwelling units per acre. The 1991 approval also included a rezone, a tentative map, and a Major Use Permit.

Construction began in the late 1990s. Six of the ten phased units have been recorded as final maps. A tentative map becomes a final map when the conditions of the tentative map (other than those for which permits cannot be issued until a final map is recorded) are met. A subdivision must have a final map before building or grading permits can be issued.

The most recent revision to the tentative map for Units 7 through 10 was approved by the Planning Commission in November 2007. The changes approved in November 2007 included the realignment of the crossing of Ostrich Farms Creek by Pepper Tree Lane. That change, which resulted in the redesign of lots in Units 7 and 8,

is the subject of the current proposed revision regarding the security bond.

The remaining four units cover 48 homes and 54 total lots on 59.63 acres. The timeline for constructing the four final phases will depend on financing and demand, and a construction lender is currently interested in providing financing to build Unit 7.

Peppertree Village VI, LLC, requested the two revisions from the most recent tentative map.

The conditions of the tentative map call for an interim fire access road between the eastern bridge abutment of Pepper Tree Lane and the intersection of Pepper Tree Lane and Loch Ness Drive. The current conditions require asphaltic concrete paving and a standard base for the temporary road. The proposed change requires only the base provided that it is sufficient to support the weight of a fire truck and that the plans are to the satisfaction of the North County Fire Protection District. (While the substitution will allow for cost savings, it will also eliminate asphalt which could not be re-used. The base material will have other usage once the temporary road is no longer needed.)

The conditions required before a final map can be recorded include the posting of a performance bond to ensure the completion of infrastructure improvements if the developer defaults as well as a labor and materials bond to ensure timely payment for labor and materials for the project. Currently Peppertree Village VI, LLC, is required to improve the Ostrich Farms Creek Bridge within two years after recording the final map for Unit 8 or prior to the approval of rough grading for any grading work for Units 9 or 10, whichever is earlier. The proposed change would move the requirement to post security for the bridge construction from Unit 8 to Unit 9 or 10. The proposed amendment will not affect the requirement to post security for road improvements and a traffic roundabout associated with

Unit 8.

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