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Questions about healthcare, FPUD

The largest number of living centenarians in the world today (men/women aged 100 years or older) reside in the United States of America and they number 96,548.The second largest number of centenarians (approximately 30,000) reside in Japan (see the Internet per Wikipedia). Consequently, the present American healthcare system must be the best in the world. Does Obamacare intend to destroy the best healthcare system in the world by rationing healthcare for seniors? Sarah Palin believes Obamacare Death Panels exist.

On another subject, I live in an area where I travel Sandia Creek Drive to reach Fallbrook. On Sandia Creek Drive, near the Santa Margarita River bridge overpass, FPUD has created a park. This park contains horse trails which parallel the river and often contain day-old horse poop. It’s my understand that this park was created using an expired Negative Declaration originally authorized for Boy Scout use and that an Environmental Impact Report was never authorized for its present use.

This FPUD area contains an unpaved parking lot, so crowded with cars on summer weekends that automobiles park on nearby roadways and personal property. The closest potties are 1.4 miles away near De Luz Road, so where do the visitors urinate/defecate? There are two pools at this location, plus one wading pool. I have witnessed people swimming in these Santa Margarita swimming pools but no lifeguards by FPUD to help/protect swimmers in the event of accidents.

Does FPUD ignore the law, environment and safety?

Archie D. McPhee

California Registered Professional Civil Engineer


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