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Kim and Mindy's Paradise Pet Spa pampers pets

It’s a dream come true when a person finds a profession they are passionate about. For Kim Nelson and Mindy Deremo, owners of Kim and Mindy’s Paradise Pet Spa, they found it years ago.

“Both of us grew up around animals and knew from day one that was our purpose in life,” Nelson said. “We love every moment – from the time we walk in the shop in the morning until the time we leave in the evening.”

Nelson and Deremo’s passion for their work radiates in everything they do. Pet owners who bring their precious four-legged children to Nelson and Deremo know they will be well-cared for.

Both women said they truly believe they were meant to work with animals. The pets that enter their salon are at ease under these groomers watchful care.

“We are both very patient and loving people, and we wanted to create an environment where dogs and cats could feel safe and loved,” Deremo said. “We understand the nature of dogs and we strive to give the best experience for the type of personality that each individual dog has.”

The salon owners’ innate ability to understand dogs is what raises Paradise Pet Spa to another level.

Before Nelson and Deremo opened their charming salon, they worked together at another grooming shop. Both said they immediately felt connected because they shared the same enthusiasm for animals. More importantly, they agreed that animals should be treated with compassion and respect.

With nearly 20 years of combined grooming experience, the skills and knowledge that Nelson and Deremo share are endless.

For dogs with skin issues, Nelson and Deremo may be able to offer valuable help.

“Over the years, we have learned what products work best for different types of skin problems,” Nelson said. “We have many different types of shampoos and conditioners that are good for treating bad skin. We do not charge extra for these, because we, as much as the owner, would like to see the dogs get better.”

Deremo said the spa offers vitamins, supplements and other products that alleviate skin irritation and digestive issues in the boutique section.

These days, where every season seems like flea season, Paradise Pet Spa provides year-round specialized baths.

“We don’t charge extra for flea shampoos because we know how pesky and hard it is to get rid of fleas,” Nelson explained. The duo said they also apply an anti-flea treatment upon request.

With the New Year approaching, Nelson and Deremo are delighted to get pets primped and ready for 2010. The fun hair color products they offer for pets can provide an opportunity for the animal to make a fashion statement of their own.

“The hair color is 100 percent natural,” said Deremo. “It’s completely safe, washes out and is a lot of fun.”

For pampered pooches, Paradise Pet Spa offers attractive collars, tags, harnesses and more.

Thoughtful of the challenging economy, Paradise Pet Spa offers reasonable rates and ongoing promotions. New clients, for example, receive a 20 percent discount.

Nelson and Deremo also support great animal causes.

“Last year, we held a fundraiser for the Zoofari Foundation,” said Nelson, reflecting on how they raised $800 for the cause.

“It was so successful and so much fun, we are planning on doing it again this year – so look out for it, and please come support it,” said Nelso and Deremo.

To learn more about Paradise Pet Spa, its monthly anesthesia-free Doggie Dental Clinic, or to drop in for a $5 pet nail clipping or anal gland treatment, call (760) 723-2273 or visit the spa at 218 W. Fig Street.

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