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The progress of civilization at Merriam Mountains

Where would the present naysayers be living if all the projects of road building, home construction and businesses had been stopped, say 100 years ago?

The cattleman, farmer and blacksmith might have said, “ not in my back yard,” and we might still be in a buggy pulled by a horse and harness makers would still be in business.

That may be stretching a point, but you get it.

Merriam Mountains is actually just one more step by a property owner using his/their right in this civilization. It’s really how, in a lesser planned way, Fallbrook became what it is today. Environmental reports had not been dreamed of in decades past and neighbors were generally neighborly.

Not so much these days as folks comparing it with Orange County today. That is not too unreasonable, because in 1942 it was one massive orange grove. I can only assume the grove owners, for good reason, decided to sell or develop with builders. That denotes progress as we see it today.

County Supervisors are getting hit from both sides with blame. Most of us drive either to Escondido or Temecula for a number of different reasons, but maybe Merriam Mountains would bring a modern shopping center, improved roads, maybe needed schools much closer to us.

As is true in all cities, towns and villages, situations change as utilities and people age or needs change. I would not move if it was built today as am pleased with my retirement residence.

Bob Limpus


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