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Want to keep your fitness commitment in 2010?

Fallbrook Community Center

FALLBROOK - Most New Year’s fitness resolutions are short lived due to unrealistic dieting and exercise programs. Research shows harsh diets and radical exercising generally end up with the participant gaining the weight back and potentially doing damage to the body. When calories are reduced too radically or exercise is excessive, the body goes into a starvation/stress mode and retains fat for self preservation. According to a Georgia State University study, a combination of reducing calories and exercising (burning calories) in about the 300-500 calorie range daily is optimum. Studies also show participants in moderate exercise almost immediately have a better self image. Other good news is weight loss of just 10 percent has significant health benefits.

The following steps have been shown to help participants with healthy lifestyle change:

1. Consulting a doctor and getting cleared before starting an exercise program.

2. Picking an appealing and achievable fitness activity.

3. Making sure the fitness option is easily available

4. Setting reasonable goals and writing them down. Don’t overdo it.

5. Committing to the new healthy activity for at least 30 days so it has time to become a habit.

6. Aiming for consistency - everyone has a bad day; one day doesn’t lead to success or failure.

7. Creating reinforcing elements such as working out with a friend or friendly class, scheduling time on the calendar, or prepaying for classes.

8. Buying quality shoes and exercise clothes and putting them on – participants are then more likely to work out.

9. Keeping long term perspective on living a healthy life six months, one year, and 10 years down the road.

10. Being patient; creating a positive inner dialog. Thoughts become actions. Actions become habits. Habits create a healthier life.

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Ann Wade is an AFAA and YogaFit certified fitness instructor.


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