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Experience the positive difference at Manor Cleaners

anor Cleaners has served generations of Fallbrook residents since 1952. Its longevity has been accredited to their business principles of professionalism, reliability and kindness toward community members.

Over the years, its services have evolved, particularly since the Mungo family purchased Manor Cleaners in 1992. Clients have the opportunity to receive eco-friendly laundry and dry cleaning, all types of alterations including wedding and formal dresses, clothing preservation, and detailed cleaning for leather and suede products. Likewise, Manor Cleaners is the perfect destination to have area rugs, bedding and draperies cleaned.

The embroidery department at Manor Cleaners is in high demand. From creative company logos to stitching a newborn’s name on a baby blanket, clients are given an array of options and guidance on how to achieve the best look.

“There are several things that sets us apart from other dry cleaners,” said Dannai Mungo. “First, our plant is on site and has been eco-friendly for the past 15 years; second, we do all alterations on site.”

Taking advantage of the professional services available at Manor Cleaners provides customers with huge benefits.

“We are able to keep our prices reasonable because we don’t have to pay another entity to do services for us,” said Mungo, adding how saving their clients money is a top priority. “The only items we send out are the larger area rugs and some leather items that would need to be re-dyed.”

Being eco-friendly, Manor Cleaners operates without harsh chemical smells. Their regular machine maintenance also adds to their outstanding output.

“Weekly maintenance on our machines play a huge part in the quality of work we’re able to deliver,” said Mungo.

Since the launch of their “Go Green Garment Bags” back in 2008, Manor Cleaners saves approximately 5,000 plastic bags per month from piling high in landfills. “This savings is huge for our environment,” Mungo said. The six dollar spacious garment bag is constructed of nylon and machine washable.

“The garment bag also doubles as a drop off bag which clients can literally drop their bag off filled with their clothing and expect it ready in two business days,” Mungo said.

Mungo said her husband, Paul, was exposed to the business when he was a child. His mother, Nina, who was the head seamstress at Manor Cleaners, taught her son how to do alterations and he perfected his skills in the family dry cleaning business in Long Beach, Calif. Since that time, Mungo said her husband has excelled in the field.

“There are so many times a client comes in thinking their shirt or blouse has been ruined due to some stain and Paul seems to work his magic getting that stain out,” Mungo said. “I guess that comes with growing up in the dry cleaning business for the past 30 years.”

At Manor Cleaners, Mungo said items are doubled checked for quality control before they are bagged for pickup or delivery.

The Mungo family and their team also offer a friendly atmosphere for their customers. The majority of their clients, she said, are known by name.

“We believe in a personal experience, and not just another person with a claim ticket,” said Mungo.

Appreciative of the ongoing support they have received over the years, Manor Cleaners has enjoyed giving back to local organizations such as the Fallbrook Woman’s Club, a multitude of high school outdoor curriculum programs and more.

“We are very grateful that our clients continue to support our business,” said Mungo. “We understand how times are tight and would like to thank them for their continued business, whether it was in the past or still in the present time.”

For more information on Manor Cleaners, including its local pickup and delivery services, and same day services, please call (760) 728-1307 or visit them at 125 E. Mission Road, Fallbrook.

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