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Residents report magazine solicitation scam back in Fallbrook

FALLBROOK – Some residents of Fallbrook that live on Sky Vista Way reported to the Sheriff’s Department that their neighborhood has been canvassed New Year’s week by individuals working for what they describe as a “magazine solicitation scam.”

A young woman who described herself as a local college student trying to raise money to make a trip to Cambridge for an educational trip approached several residents at their homes and asked them to “help her” by subscribing to magazines she had to offer.

“It’s always the same story; it was the same as when they came around last time and we found out they were not who they said they were,” said one resident.

One resident gave the young woman $51 in cash for a 12-issue subscription to Weight Watchers magazine and was given a receipt under the company name “Tuscan Readers Services Inc.” that listed a post office box in Buford, Georgia. The phone numbers the young woman gave the resident were proven to be false.

“It is my understanding that this company is linked to another company called United Family Circulation that has had many complaints filed against them,” said a resident that did some research on the company.

“They are always well-groomed and you would never guess they are running a scam,” said one of the residents who declined to purchase any magazines from the young woman.

When residents within the neighborhood began to talk about the situation, they learned that the young woman had tried to lend credibility to her sales by saying other people in the neighborhood were helping her.

The Village News recommends that residents be wary of solicitors and conduct careful research before donating to a person or agency. Some are legitimate, but many are not. Local schools do conduct magazine sales drives at times, but that is easily verified by calling the school office to confirm.


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