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Taking resolutions one step at a time

2009 came and went and now, it’s time to start 2010 with new resolutions! Habitually, resolutions involving fitness and relationships are made. Teens cannot pass up this opportunity to better themselves. But how can an individual set a goal so after one or two months the goal still exists? Why set up for failure?

Setting an impractical goal could be like trying to swallow a whole elephant in one shot. Instead, plan ahead and ration the elephant into smaller portions. To help teens set and attain goals, two basic steps include making practical resolutions with reachable goals and setting up a support system.

First, choose one major goal or even a few small goals. Do not take on multiple large goals. One basic improvement could be a nice goal. Take the major goal and break it down into smaller goals. Each success will encourage the process further.

If the goal consists of taking a grade from a “C” up to an “A,” start with prioritizing activities. Instead of going to a friend’s house every weekend, use two of the weekends to prepare for a class assignment. However, expect road blocks. Losing weight could be hard if that snack looks tempting every day. Prepare for a temptation.

Is it not more fun to shop with a friend, or go to a sports game with a buddy or even complete homework with a partner? Recruit a friend to help with a resolution. Goals can be easier to achieve if a worthy friend can encourage and achieve the goal along side you.

Peer pressure can have an upside. “Come on, keep it up! One week left till our deadline with one pound to go!” It would be more encouraging to have a goal set with a friend. A little competition and enthusiasm could help.

To conclude, teens can have attainable goals with positive outcomes. Whether it’s a weight loss, education, relationship, or fitness resolution, a buddy and little advancing steps of success can smooth the road. Motivation makes all the difference. Set a resolution, plan, act, achieve and enjoy the New Year!

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