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There is always the farmer's theory

Fallbrook gangsters have once again scrawled threats in Los Jilgueros Preserve. It happened in December.

The activity always seems to coincide with school holidays leading passersby to suspect the gangsters might be students. How clever they must feel eluding law enforcement as they swagger along the paths to stop at the wooden bridge to mark on the railings or on a slat in the footbridges. Even a kiosk, likely erected by a proud Eagle Scout is now a billboard for the language of illiterate criminals.

For all the efforts to stop graffiti, scribbled by gangsters as in Fallbrook, or wannabe artists expressing their creativity as taggers, its effect continues to defile property and wilderness areas such as Los Jilgueros.

There is one deterrent, however, not yet tried. A farmer who walks his dogs in the preserve suggests using a time-proven method of stopping rabbits from decimating a garden. The farmer merely shoots a rabbit and leaves it near the garden and other rabbits stay away.

While this method is not lawful for humans, imagining it offers some satisfaction. Meanwhile, quick removal is an effective deterrent, and it’s legal.

When spotted, report graffiti to the Sheriff’s Department then do as other Fallbrook users of the preserve, help clean it up.

Sarah Bates


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