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Flash flood warning one of 5 issued by National Weather Service for Fallbrook; some area roads closed in spots

Weather conditions continue to worsen today in the Fallbrook area, evidenced by the fact that the National Weather Service (NWS) has now issued a total of five official warnings for the town. Residents are being advised that four warnings have been issued - potential for flash floods, flooding in general, potential for mudslides and debris on roadways, a wind advisory and hazardous weather conditions.

Travel on State Route 76 has been delayed off and on due to debris being washed into the roadway in the Pala and Pauma Valley area. Authorities said, \"That area is experiencing problems because there was so much of the area burned in the 2007 Poomacha Fire and it is now flooding.\"

In the rural Fallbrook community of De Luz, roadways are being closed off and on, depending on water levels. According to a representative of the California Dept. of Forestry, \"Drivers should not try to cross a roadway with water in it if the water level is higher than the center of the rim on their vehicle\'s wheels.\"

Emergency workers have already rescued one car in De Luz that was becoming quickly submerged in the water flow.

In Rainbow, the intersection of Huffstatler and Fifth Avenue has been closed recently due to flooding.

North County Fire public information officer John Buchanan has reported that special precautions are being taken by the fire agency in the Sandia Creek area of Fallbrook. \"We are stationing people close by Sandia Creek to insure the quickest response possible in the event of an emergency,\" he said.

Chance of rain throughout today is listed as 100 percent with possible thunderstorms. The expected high temperature is 56 degrees. Winds are expected to be between 20 and 30 miles per hour with gusts of up to 45 miles per hour. This evening, the chance of rain is expected to drop to 90 percent with a low temperature of 48% expected.

The NWS advises Fallbrook residents to be especially cautious in areas that were affected in the 2007 Rice Fire as the lack of vegetation may lead to mudslides and flooding problems.

On the country roads found in the Fallbrook area, experts say heavy rains such as this lead to water ponding, making travel hazardous.

Authorities advise residents to travel only as necessary on the roadways until conditions improve.

Tomorrow (Friday, Jan. 22), rain expectancy is said to be 80 percent during the day with a high of 53 degrees. On Friday evening, the rain forecast drops to 60 percent and the wind factor is to lessen.

On Saturday, the rain forecast drops further to 30 percent with calm winds before 10 a.m. and dimishing throughout the rest of the day and night.

Sunday is expected to be sunny.

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According to the National Weather Service (NWS), expected weather tonight and tomorrow for the Fallbrook area has been deemed ‘hazardous’ by officials.

Heavy rain and strong gusty winds are expected to continue through tomorrow (Thursday).

At 4 p.m. today, the NWS issued three warning for the area - a flood advisory, flash flood warning, and a wind advisory.

The flood advisory is in effect until 8:45 p.m. tonight; the flash flood warning until midnight; and the wind advisory until 6 p.m. Thursday.

Local flooding is expected tonight and tomorrow as the cold front continues to move in. Isolated thunderstorms are expected to occur that carry the potential to produce tornados.

Wind speed at 5 p.m. was 16 miles per hour, which experts say could rise to 50 miles per hour during the height of the storm.

Showers are expected to lighten on Friday, but thunderstorms might still occur on occasion. Chance of rain is listed as 70 percent that day.

On Saturday, the NWS says there will be a 40 percent chance of rain. Sunday and Monday are expected to be sunny with the chance of more showers Monday evening and into Tuesday.


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