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Re: 'Cheney should apologize' [Letter, Village News, 1/21/2010]

Tom Conley must have misunderstood my statement that Cheney, “…is personally responsible for allowing the 9/11 attack to happen…” I didn’t mean that in any conspiracy terms (like he knew the attack would happen that day, or that the Bush administration gave prior notice to any ethnic group working in the World Trade Center Towers, or that it was an “inside job”) – I think all those rumors and theories are false and even destructive, as they take away from the real responsibility that Cheney carries.

Cheney is responsible because he was the person who should have been on the alert to prevent an attack. When the Bush administration first took office Cheney was put in charge of counter terrorism. One of the administration’s first acts was to demote Richard Clarke, who had been the chief counter terrorism expert with full access to the President’s cabinet members. Clarke’s warnings went unheeded, including his now famous report titled, “Bin Laden determined to attack inside the United States”, delivered in early August – five weeks before the attack.

Despite all the warnings, signs, and reports, there were no meetings of the “principals” of the National Security counter terrorism group until 9/4/01 – eight months into the Bush administration. That’s why Cheney is personally responsible – though not the only person.

Jon Monday


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