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Barrier Reef Pools to donate a portion of its sales to Haiti

FALLBROOK - Barrier Reef Pools has found a way to help those desperate and suffering due to the disastrous earthquake that struck the capital city of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, on Jan. 12. Beginning now through March 31, Barrier Reef Pools will donate $2,000 to Haiti from each pool they sell. When homeowners purchase their own world-class fiberglass swimming pool, they will be donating to the efforts of helping the injured.

The worst earthquake in 200 years, 7.0 in magnitude, left the poor country in ruins. Houses collapsed, buildings and power lines fell, and 1.5 million people are now left sleeping in streets after losing their homes and belongings.

Only eight days after the deadly earthquake, an aftershock hit Haiti, 6.1 in magnitude, and further destroyed the struggling country. Over 100,000 lives were lost in the catastrophe, leaving 380,000 children homeless and without families.

Without water and food, those who made it through the deadly earthquake are still suffering from these deficits and struggling for survival on the streets. The thousands injured are in need of medical assistance and the country cannot afford to support the people who urgently require this attention. Haiti needs resources to cope with these losses and damages.

Homeowners can help the victims of the Haiti earthquake by choosing to buy their pool from Barrier Reef. With the lifetime structural warranty, time-proven brilliant colors, and attractive shapes and styles, this low maintenance pool can be the key to summer fun. Now choosing Barrier Reef Pools is easier than ever; the decision can make a positive change in the lives of those suffering in Haiti. For more information, call (888) 766-5722.


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