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Bricks and Bristles helps families keep chimneys safe

FALLBROOK - Bricks and Bristles Chimney Cleaning has kept families safe and warm through the winter months for the last 23 years. Family owned and operated, it works hard to provide expert service. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, a yearly chimney inspection and cleaning is highly recommended. Bricks and Bristles has a long list of loyal clientele and referrals. Nearly 70 of its customers require an annual cleaning, having burned two or more cords of wood per year. “Usually a cleaning is needed for every cord to a cord and a half of wood burned or at least every two to three years,” the owner said.

A dirty chimney is a major fire hazard. When a fire burns and smoke is released up a chimney, a tar-like residue called creosote begins to develop. If ignored, a thick patch of creosote can cause a chimney inferno.

The owner of Bricks and Bristles said that on a national level, there have been over 25,000 structure fires caused by wood-burning systems every year. And sadly, up to 50 deaths were to blame for chimney fires in a recent year.

The high temperatures of this type of fire will destroy the brick and mortar of a chimney, not to mention compromising combustible areas of a residence. The sheer volume of the flames is strong enough to reach nearby homes.

Such a terrifying experience can be avoided with a chimney cleaning maintenance schedule. Bricks and Bristles masterfully cleans chimneys by utilizing a high powered vacuum system along with traditional poles and brushes. “A standard fireplace cleaning includes a system evaluation and removal of the flammable creosote deposits from the entire fireplace system, the chimney flue, the smoke chamber and the firebox. Special rods, chimney brushes, hand brushes and a vacuum are used to ensure a thoroughly professional job.”

This vacuum is specifically constructed and solely made for chimney cleaning. No residue will be blown into a home. Typically, a cleaning takes under two hours. “And when I give a quote, I don’t change that quote even if it’s a two hour plus cleaning,” the owner said.

Another telltale sign that a chimney needs cleaning is when smoke and/or odor is released when a fireplace is lit. Bricks and Bristles calls this scenario a combination of human error and a dirty chimney. A cleaning and consultation with Bricks and Bristles normally clears up the issue.

“Often people will be in a house for 20 years believing a chimney doesn’t work because the first time they lit a fire the system smoked,” he said, noting how it’s normally a simple solution.

More times than not, Bricks and Bristles is asked which wood types to use in a fireplace. Their recommendation is local oak, citrus and eucalyptus. “Avocado is the dirtiest of the local woods,” they explained, while store-bought pressed logs present the worst type of cleaning for a chimney professional.

“The bottom line is if you have been burning wood for a few years, especially avocado, it’s a pretty good bet that your system is in serious need of a cleaning,” he said.

Bricks and Bristles has been in the business long enough to know about the less-than-professional chimney cleaning providers that exist in the industry. Consumers should be cautious to ask for referrals, compare quotes, etc.

“Once there was a guy years ago going door to door cleaning chimneys with a weed whacker,” the owner said. “Chimney cleaning is hard, physical, dirty and dangerous work and there are only a handful of companies in the county worth their salt.”

To contact Bricks and Bristles Chimney Cleaning, call (760) 728-3153 or (760) 310-8510.


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