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Healthcare overhaul failure due to apathy

Well, it certainly is beginning to look as if the “real” overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system will not now happen! The huge amount of money poured into the propaganda barrage by the pharmaceutical and other “for profit” organizations has won the day over the apathy of the general public. Unfortunately, we, the U.S. citizenry, have only ourselves to blame.

Oh sure, it will happen eventually, but not now. The vast majority of us have been “bamboozled” once again. It saddens me because we had a real chance to pull it off and get the U.S. back into the 21st century. Well, we blew it. We are all to blame for being such unsophisticated thinkers and so easy to brainwash.

It grieves me that we’ve allowed so many injustices to continue for so many of our fellow Americans.

Robert F. Green


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