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Pendleton implements innovative program to help service members, families

Throughout time, mankind has always tried to understand human behavior to the point of creating a variety of methods and techniques to better accomplish this goal.

In most recent years, these techniques have succeeded with notable accuracy, and big corporations around the world are starting to implement them in their work environments.

One of these techniques is the 4-Lenses assessment which is being implemented throughout the Marine Corps.

The program is intended to improve communication skills, interpersonal relationships, and help with stress management associated with military life and deployments.

According to the 4-Lenses assessment concept, each person on the planet is a combination of four temperaments. These temperaments, or personalities, are outlined in four colors, hence the name 4-Lenses.

Once participants are broken into teams, they start sharing their personal experiences in certain situations and how they managed them. By doing so, they realize there are other ways, different than their own, to deal with real-life situations.

“The program helps us understand why we do things in a specific way,” said Miguel Juarez, Marine Corps family team building trainer. “After an initial assessment based on personality differences, we break up into four color teams and then start with the details.”

Orange means a person can be described as generous, spontaneous, competitor, performer, optimistic, charming, courageous, independent, fearless, persuasive, wild, fun, and crazy.

Gold means a person could be described as punctual, organized, dependable, conservative, detailed, hard-working, orderly, consistent, structured, positive, and reliable.

In the blue category, a person could be described as caring, artistic, spiritual, subjective, sympathetic, compassionate, peaceful, sincere, empathic, romantic, accepting, patient, giving and true.

And the green color mostly means a person who could be described as scientific, curious, abstract, ingenious, intellectual, fact-oriented, logical, calm, and theoretical.

“Every person you meet or interact with is a unique individual,” said Juarez. “Our goal is to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and see life through a different lens.”

The original 4-Lenses concept was created by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung who believed that observation of the individual, consistent with certain shared preferences, could be used to help identify fundamental differences in people.

According to Jung, each person is born with a specific predisposition toward particular preferences; however, the 4-Lenses assessment has been simplified to create a more enjoyable experience with longer-lasting application retention.

For more information about the 4-Lenses assessment on Camp Pendleton, call the Marine Corps Family Team Building at (760)763-7890.

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