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Concern over Bonsall temple project not about religion

We are the immediate neighbors to the Dai Dong Temple project. We have lived in Bonsall for 10 years and have been perfectly content to share a lot line with the peaceful Monks. However, when we learned of the proposal to expand this serene meditation center into a huge project which would dominate the rural landscape of Bonsall, we became very concerned, and hence, involved in opposing such an expansion.

The opposition among Bonsall residents to this project is not based on religious beliefs, such as Christians vs. Buddhists. The Buddhist center is already there and acceptable (as is) to its neighbors. However, the congregants want to expand the nature and purpose of the existing center into a mega-like facility, with a dormitory for 30 residents. Thus, the real opposition is to the proposed expansion into a mega-like facility that can, if approved, accommodate three to four times more daily and weekly visitors, conduct special events and weekly services for up to 1,000 people on a two-lane, (blind), curved, rural road leading to the site.

The significant issues concerning the size and scope (not the usage) of the Dai Dang Project are basically: (1) Incompatibility with rural zoning requirements; (2) Inconsistent land use with adjacent residences; (3) Increase in traffic on Camino Del Rey causing safety concerns; and (4) Extra burden on community resources and services.

We hope that the existing Temple, as a meditation center, would still continue as it presently operating even if this expansion is not granted.

Michael and Roberta Berns


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