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Re: 'What other secrets are there?' [Letter, Village News, 2/4/10]

Archie McPhee posits several conclusions based on Tea Party hysteria in his letter. The first is that we must have the world’s best healthcare system since we have a lot of old people.

We have good things in our health care system, but also a lot of short comings. The health care proposals considered the last few months did not have “death panels.” The provision contained in the bills was so that older people could talk to their doctors about end of life issues - something all older folks should be doing. President Obama was not the one responsible for giving bonuses to the ‘Wall Streeters.’ President Bush, the congress and, later, president Obama authorized bailouts to Wall Street firms. The firms gave the bonuses. I know that president Obama did not like them, however, I understood that if those institutions failed, the world’s economy may have collapsed. Obama did not have anything to do with the fact that Social Security recipients did not get a cost of living raise, nor did the current congress. Social Security COLAs are determined by a formula that was adopted in 1975. This happens to be the first year that a COLA was not granted since the formula was adopted and it had to do with the drop in energy prices in the last year. If Archie wants to know how stimulus money is being spent, he should visit It is not a secret.

Mike Reardon


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