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Help me stop the State's out-of-control spending

The RGP Prosthetic Research Center, a San Diego company that provides artificial limbs for California Children’s Services, is in danger of having to stop providing these critical services for children in need… again.

Last week, California State Controller John Chiang warned the legislature and governor that unless they found “cash solutions” by March, California would be unable to pay its bills. A grim reality looms ominously above California taxpayers once again – IOUs.

Thomas Guth, president of RGP, told me that if the state issues IOUs again in 2010, he “fears that [he] will be unable to continue to provide needed care to patients as we may be unable to finance the components needed to fabricate their artificial limbs.”

This story is a symptom of our state’s failed policy of “borrowing its way out of debt.” At the end of 2009, we saw the state impose an additional 10% withholding on payroll taxes although no additional taxes were due. Additionally, the issued over 448,000 IOUs totaling $2.35 billion in 2009 and employees, businesses and all citizens that were desperate for the products that companies like RGP provide, suffered needlessly due to the state’s inability to balance its books.

The horror story doesn’t end there. While the state was borrowing from you to cover its debt, liberal Sacramento politicians had the audacity to pass 150 new bills off of the Assembly floor with no Republican votes that created $1 billion in new spending. Thanks to Sacramento’s spending binge, California faces an estimated $20 billion deficit over the next 18 months. And while the state demands that you pay cash for your state taxes, DMV fees and tuition for state college, they’re going to stick taxpayers, charities and vendors with IOUs once again.

It’s time for citizens like you and me to put this to an end.

I introduced, with the support of 74 co-authors, Assembly Bill 1506, the IOU Taxpayer Protection bill, to free us from the state’s forced-borrowing. The concept is simple and fair: IOU’s would be treated like department store gift cards – allowing taxpayers to use them to pay any state fee or tax. This simple concept would fix a fatal flaw in our system and offer the maximum taxpayer protection while saving the state millions in interest payments.

I have created a special Web site,, to gather signatures in support of this bill.


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