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Price gouging in Fallbrook

Gasoline prices in our town are higher than the surrounding towns/cities. Don’t shop Fallbrook. I live in Fallbrook and work in Orange County; that means I commute. Now get this, I can purchase fuel for my cars/truck 25 to 30 cents per gallon cheaper in Orange County and Oceanside.

I usually buy my fuel from a specific oil company. One would think that the prices would be about the same from one station location to another. Wrong. In Fallbrook, the two stations that carry this name are higher by 30 cents per gallon. Wow! Go figure.

Where I come from this is “price gouging.” I don’t know who owns these two Fallbrook stations, but the guy should be investigated. Shame on this person. He/she is taking advantage of the elderly and disadvantaged by charging higher-than-usual prices for this product.

I, for one, will no longer buy my fuel products from his or any other gas station in Fallbrook (all stations are higher).

So, if the merchants of Fallbrook want people to shop here, why do the very same businesspeople make the citizens want to leave Fallbrook to do their shopping?

Time to stop taking advantage of the fine people of Fallbrook and get on board with helping them stay home and shop.

John Klink


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