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Thoughts on gays in the military

The nearly daily referral to so-called gays and lesbians in the military has, to some of us, become disgusting. Why do I say that? Eighty years ago as a child we had a new neighbor move in with the same-aged boy, in a small town 25 miles from Chicago. Right away the rest of us kids knew this new kid was different, but by age 12 or 13 he was referred to as strange or “queer.”

I’m stepping on toes, aren’t I?

Two days after Pearl Harbor, I enlisted in the USMC and soon was at MCRD.

Eighteen months later was home on hospital leave (non combat injury) and “Ferdie” was home from a gunshot wound while in the Army for four months. It turned out he shot himself in the foot to be discharged.

About ten year ago I heard he died of AIDS.

My limited experience with gays may not seem fair to some readers, but when major columnists in newspapers claim that discrimination against gay people is wrong and unjust why not ask a similar question? Why do they discriminate against “straight” people, openly and with vehemence?

I believe a straight on military is just and honorable. God Bless America.

Bob Limpus


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