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An earthquake would be our "Katrina"

We are aware of the devastation associated with a mega mine like Liberty quarry. One subject, however, has been glossed over; earthquakes.

The Elsinore fault runs along the hills next to the proposed quarry site. Scientists say, “If you are not sure it will not cause harm, don’t do it.”

Geologists and seismologists agree; earthquakes are induced in five major ways. Three ways are, “fluid extraction from the earth, mining or quarrying.” (“New Dawn” magazine)

Studies by Dr. Klose of Columbia University show excavating the earth’s crust to a depth of over 1000 feet may cause earthquake faults to become active.

Tom Rockwell, SDSU geologist and expert on the Elsinore fault zone, stated, “Scientists believe the Elsinore could trigger a quake big as 7.5.”

Scientists with Southern California Earthquake Center say, “There is an 11 percent chance over the next 30 years this fault will trigger an earthquake paralleling Northridge.

Mary Moreland, Riverside County Emergency Services Director, said, “Disaster officials fear a major quake. An earthquake would be our ‘Katrina.’”

Lucy Jones, lead Southern California Scientist for U.S. Geology Survey, Pasadena, said, “The smaller Elsinore fault poses a threat locally in Southwest Riverside County. The Elsinore sits under Temecula and Murrieta.

With some of these perceived natural occurrences (exception being quarries) could it be that we, as humans, are not managing the earth properly and, when earthquakes occur, we have forgotten about “cause and effect?”

“We learn geology the morning after the earthquake.” (Emerson)

Jerri Arganda


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