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Re: 'Thoughts on gays in the military' [Letter, Village News, 2/18/2010]

I am glad that Mr. Limpus acknowledges his limited experience with gays. The one experience he described has obviously guided his views and given him a negative opinion. I wonder if he realizes that he comes into contact with gays every day and he doesn’t even know it. Most gays are normal humans, going through their normal days and impacting his life in positive ways that he is not even aware of. They are his doctors, lawyers, neighbors and, yes, even his friends. Most people, especially gays, do not broadcast their orientation. It isn’t appropriate in all situations.

It is because of the military’s policy of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ (DADT) that people like Mr. Limpus only see the negative examples and therefore get the idea that gays are bad people. If DADT is repealed, the need for secrecy will be eliminated and the whole issue would become a non-issue. Maybe then the media would no longer have a reason to discuss it and we all can get on with more important things in our lives.

In addition, perhaps Mr. Limpus might get to know some gay people who provide a positive role model and help him dispel the negative impression he has right now, thus opening his life in positive ways.

Kimberly Hicks


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