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Re: 'Obama has his priorities wrong' [Letter, Village News, 2/25/2010]

Archie McPhee has indicated that a previous letter I had written was a “fairy tale.” I beg to differ. What I said was that President Obama did not have anything to do with the denial of a COLA for Social Security recipients. That is a fact. The COLA is determined by a formula adopted by the Congress in 1975.

Mr. McPhee seems to have empathy for Social Security recipients. Does he have the same empathy for people who have filed for bankruptcy due to the fact that they cannot pay their medical bills? I am sure that most people do not want their medical insurance changed. However, the health care system we currently have is unsustainable. The continual rise in medical costs is wreaking havoc with the economy and no one will have the same coverage in a few years if changes are not made to the system.

Check your facts on the stimulus program at: Bank bonuses were not paid out of the stimulus program. Banks were given money through the TARP program approved by the Bush administration. Bonuses were paid through the banks’ own funds. I did not like that either, however, we live in a capitalist system and sometimes things happen that none of us like.

By the way, a “health insurance plan” that provides 12 doctor visits per year for $500 is not a health insurance plan. Sorry.

Mike Reardon


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