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One arrested, two still being sought in stabbing incident

One of three men suspected of stabbing and assaulting two men on March 14 in the 1400 block of Old Stage Road has been arrested, while two others are still being sought.

Javier Abrajan-Flores, 33, of Fallbrook, has been arrested for attempted murder in the attack on two brothers, Abel Vigil, 20, and Moises Vigil, 31, that took place after words were exchanged in a neighborhood bar.

The Vigil brothers are both recovering from their injuries, said Sheriff’s detective James Cady, although the 20-year old was in critical condition after the attack. Both suffered slash and stab wounds across their bodies and were transported to Palomar Medical Center for treatment of their injuries.

The two suspects still at large are described by Cady as Hispanic males. “One has bushy black hair, is approximately 5-feet 6-inches tall, 180 lbs, heavy build, brown eyes, and a mustache,” he explained. “The other is short, of medium build, and bald.”

While the Vigil brothers told detectives they were attacked in the back parking lot of the bar after an argument that occurred earlier in the evening inside the establishment, there is some question regarding the location where the stabbing occurred.

Dave Elstad, the bartender on duty that evening at Ron’s Red Eye Saloon, has confirmed that the attack did not occur inside the bar, but explained that the Vigil brothers went outside to smoke at one point and ended up “exchanging words” with three individuals that were walking along Old Stage Road.

“I went outside and broke it up,” explained Elstad. “The strangers moved on.”

Elstad said after he went back inside the bar, the Vigils ran down the street after the strangers. Elstad has claimed that an eye witness reported that the stabbing incident took place further down Old Stage Road near a neighborhood taco shop.

“The stabbing happened almost a block away from the bar; there is someone who witnessed the whole thing and he said the altercation then went into Old Stage Road,” said Elstad.

Elstad said after the attack, the victims returned to the back corner of the bar parking lot.

“One brother dragged the other back to the corner of our parking lot; you could clearly see the trail of blood where he came from,” he said.

Elstad said his concern is that bar customers understand that the stabbing did not take place on the premises.

Detective Cady, who has been given the case to investigate, said he wasn’t at the scene to conduct interviews immediately after the incident, but that they were handled by other detectives.

"I’m not sure exactly where they were when the stabbing occurred; the victims did say it in the initial interviews that it occurred in the bar’s parking lot; but one witness said they didn’t actually see the fight, but they did see the men later, bleeding, in the parking lot.”

Elstad’s concern, he said, it to reassure his patrons that they were not in danger that night.

“None of my patrons were in danger that night, with the exception of two individuals who wanted to chase after apparent gang-bangers into the dark of night,” he said.

Sheriff’s Lt. Phil Brust said the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control will likely investigate the case to see if any possible violations occurred at the bar.

Elstad said he regularly asks for identification to verify the age of bar customers. “I did card that young man (20-year-old Vigil). If his ID was a fake one, it’s one of the best I’ve seen.”

Cady, who is assigned to the North County Gang Task Force, said he handles gang incident investigations for the Fallbrook command area, which this case was originally thought to be.

“However, at this juncture in the investigation, it appears that this stabbing was not done as a benefit to any street gang; it was two groups of people who had a problem that got into a fight.”

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Stabbings may have been gang-related

Andrea Verdin

Staff Writer

An assault that has left two men with slashes and stab wounds across their body may have been gang affiliated, said Fallbrook Sheriff’s Substation Commander Phil Brust.

According to police reports, the two victims, a 20-year-old male and 30-year-old male, had an altercation with a patron in Ron's Redeye Saloon, located on the 1400 block of South Mission on March 14.

“Words were exchanged, and the individuals had an argument in the back parking lot,” said Brust.

The three individuals then returned to the bar, where the fight escalated again.

“When the victims stepped back outside, they were confronted by three or four assailants,” said Brust.

Both men were stabbed repeatedly, with at least one of the men being slashed in the face. The assailants fled the scene, leaving the victims in the parking lot. A bar patron saw the individuals and called 911. The victims were attended to by emergency medical responders then transported to Palomar Medical Center for treatment of their wounds.

According to Brust, the case has been turned over to a gang detective for further investigation.

“It is believed that the victims may have been possible rivals with the assailants,” said Brust, who said the men refused to share a description of the assailants with deputies. “They weren't talking.”

Brust also reported that the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is investigating the case to see if any possible violations occurred at the bar.


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