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FPUD not cutting costs effectively

FPUD’s Keith Battle stated he opposed higher water rates when he ran for the board of director’s position (advertisement, Village News, Oct. 23, 2008). I promised I would fight to lower FPUD’s sewer and water rates.

One year later it is obvious Battle is a typical fairytale politician. Since election time, we have experienced one large increase in water rates; then water rationing with draconian increases in water rates for high water users in the hot summer months. Now we are facing another increase in water rates. FPUD’s GM Lewinger typically blames everyone else for these rate increases. Fairytales always baffle brains.

San Diego City is addressing budget shortfalls by laying off workers, reducing worker pension benefits, contracting work out for cost savings, etc. Other corporations are doing the same, but not FPUD.

My suggested FPUD cost savings are:

Eliminate employee free health care and free retirement. Co-pay’s for both are necessary.

Stop the free FPUD vehicle take home policy; it costs ratepayers money.

Reduce managerial and other staff.

FPUD’s GM spends more time at county and regional water boards than in Fallbrook. He was hired as FPUD general manager and is needed in Fallbrook, not elsewhere. Require FPUD board of directors to assume all Lewinger’s regional/county board duties as do other San Diego water districts.

Elect only FPUD board members willing to sit on the county/regional water boards. This must be a job requirement with refusal being cause for immediate termination.

Archie McPhee


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