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Re: 'Talkin' about our schools' [Village News, 3/11/10]

I would like to address one part of the lengthy mission statement of Fallbrook Union Elementary School District (FUESD); “ develop academic skills that will empower (students) ... to perform successfully in ... society.”

While I was a Calif. credentialed teacher I was told not to teach life skills by the administrations I worked for, only the curriculum outlined.

To perform successfully in society means how to figure out and live by a working budget as an adult; how to fill out a credit application and why; what an auto loan looks like and what it really costs to drive a car; what is involved in buying a house or condo and completing a loan application; what a credit report is; how to figure out how to save from a bi-weekly income made as an employee; and how much one makes in a chosen field to start. Then there is how to invest; what a CD and other investment vehicles are; how to read a financial statement; and how to understand a paycheck stub. It’s vital to know the education required to go into a field of interest.

Most schools teach silly skills that have nothing to do with life skills in “preparing students in society” and life. FUESD’s mission statement is a bunch of nebulous words. It becomes a waste of time and money spending on irrelevant things.

A properly written mission statement is very clear in its meaning, to the point, easily conveyed, and no more than one sentence!

John Kaufman


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