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Where's the outrage?

In the aftermath of the double tragedies of Chelsea King and Amber DuBois, and as a mother of three daughters, I did some checking. Turns out we have quite a few registered sex offenders right here in Fallbrook. Go on the Megan’s Law Web site, enter your address and view a map with the locations of all of the convicted offenders that choose to register where they are living.

I say “choose” because I noticed that one of the offenders in my neighborhood was absent from this map since the last time I checked. He still lives down the street, yet he has disappeared from the Web site.

I phoned our sheriff’s department and was told by the woman answering the phone that it is “mandatory but not required” for offenders to keep their registration up to date. Apparently there aren’t the resources to keep track of these guys so it’s up to them to let us know what they’re up to.

Yes, it’s the honor system for convicted sexual predators in our community. Sure, the state is broke but isn’t it the state’s number one job to protect the public safety? Given the fact that sexual predators are highly likely to repeat their offenses, regardless of therapy and rehabilitation, shouldn’t we, as a society, place a higher priority on protecting the community and our children in particular?

Whose child will be next?

Heather Moore


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