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GOP leadership lacking in positive ideas

Of late I have been inundated with letters and petitions from my party’s leadership (the GOP) which all have one thing in common – “Get rid of Pelosi.” I ask you, is my party’s leadership so lacking in positive ideas that the only avenue for progress is to eliminate the opposition?

Frankly, I am shocked! Surely, with all the brain power available within the GOP, we can come up with intelligent, meaningful proposals to improve our way of doing things. Why is it necessary for Steele, Boehner and others to resort to such meaningless, negative canards?

Our old-time GOP leaders, such as Lincoln, and in later years, Eisenhower, would turn over in their graves to see the depths to which our beloved GOP has sunk. We, in the GOP, are supposed to stand for love of country, love of our fellow Americans, and a desire to improve our way of life!

Robert F. Green


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