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Caltrans delays SR76 report.

The Draft Environmental Impact Report is delayed by Caltrans until June. It’s time to voice our opinions on the SR76 expansion from Bonsall to Interstate 15.

Caltrans is looking at two alternatives: (1) expand Pala Road or (2) redirect the highway south of the San Luis Rey River. SR76 will become a high-speed divided highway.

Expanding Pala Road is the least costly approach. But, it will limit access to the homes of thousands of people, along with emergency vehicle response times. Rural Pala Road will be history.

Redirecting SR76 south of the San Luis Rey River will be very expensive. Two double bridges will cross the river south at Bonsall and north again at Interstate 15.

Unfortunately, our Bonsall neighbors, while fewer in number will get to put up with the noise, pollution and access problems of the new road. This route does relieve those living along Pala Road as it would ill remain unchanged.

Which alternative will be selected? I think it is obvious.

What about a third alternative? Why not build the expanded SR76 adjacent to the existing Pala Road? There is plenty of room in the river bed. No expensive bridges will be needed and old Pala Road would remain as a local access road and can service traffic during construction. I think this is a cost effective alternative. Why has Caltrans completely overlooked this approach?

Frank Hainey


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