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Valley News/Village News video shoot to provide free show with bands during Avocado Festival

FALLBROOK - Valley News and Village News are offering free entertainment and a place to relax during the Avocado Festival at the historic Elder House property on the corner of Main Street and Elder during the Avocado Festival on Sunday, from 10 am to 4 pm. All ages are invited. The historic balcony is being used for a video shoot that will promote the bands during a Reggae festival scheduled to be June 5.

"This is very casual. We are really just planning on having a good time and getting some good footage for later shows and promotional purposes. There will be a place for people to rest for a little while in the shade if they want to. It won't be a full-blown sound production," said property owner Julie Reeder.

Currently two bands are scheduled to play on the two-story balcony, including Oceanside Reggae band Irusalem, who rocked the stage during Soul Roll with Schascha from Trinidad, and Crystal Web with DJ Mixstar Michi from Los Angeles, which will arrive about noon.

Crystal Web and DJ Mixstar Michi will add some fun and variety to the show while using the Fallbrook Avocado Festival as a back drop. Atlanta Georgia raptronica artist Crystal Web has carved out her own unique niche of energetic Japanese-flavored hip-hop dance music.

Unlike many hip-hop / dance artists who use harsh language and shock imagery to get their ideas across, Crystal relies on her friendly vocals and uplifting female-empowerment lyrics to take her fans on a voyage from Japan to Europe and back to the USA, crossing oceans and borders within a single track.

DJ Mixstar Michi will be spinning her unique blend of dance, trance, and 80's throwback tracks that keep the mood festive during the shoot.

Watch the Valley News/Village News for more details to be announced.


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