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Avocados benefit the immune system

The avocado is a fruit known for its unique and nutty flavor and creamy texture. Not only do the benefits from avocados exceed other fruit because of its rich nutritional content, it is considered to be one of the healthiest foods in the world. In essence, avocado nutritional elements promote optimal health and overall wellness.

The immune system, when functioning optimally, will diligently fend off illness and disease. Cells of the immune system that are throughout the body rely on certain nutrients to become empowered to combat pathogens including carcinogens, viruses and bacteria. Not only does the avocado consist of exceptional amounts of these vital nutrients, it actually helps nutrients from other foods become more absorbed into our system. When the avocado is eaten with red vegetables or dark leafy greens, for example, the absorption of the health-promoting carotenoids in the vegetables is increased, thereby increasing the strength of pathogen-fighting cells.

Nutrients that have a major influence on the health of the immune system are Vitamin B-6, Folic acid, Vitamin A, C, E, Zinc, Iron, and Selenium. All of these are present in the avocado. In fact, the avocado is the best fruit source of vitamin E, which promotes antibody production to help protect against many diseases. Zinc helps in wound-healing and manufactures white blood cells.

Other avocado benefits for the immune system includes the presence of glutathione and phytonutrients. The avocado is a prime source of glutathione, an important component that aids in nullifying free radicals that may lead to diseases such as cancer. Glutathione also has the ability to rejuvenate a weak immune system. The phytonutrients in the avocado may enhance your immune responses. Interestingly, these phytonutrients are being studied for their ability to help regulate signals that tell cells to grow, live or die.

The essential fatty acids in avocados are necessary for reducing inflammatory conditions associate with colds and flu.

Notably, the avocado is an exceptional super food for the immune system. Consuming them regularly, avocados will aid in the prevention of disease and illnesses due to the presence of its numerous antioxidants and other nutrients. I do believe that one of the main avocado benefits is that it does enhance the immune system, keeping us healthy in a toxic and a germ-filled world!

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