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Re: 'Consequences of Obamacare' [Letter, Village News, 4-9-10]

There was a letter in the Village News last week from a fellow who is probably a contemporary of mine, speaking in scary terms of the new healthcare legislation.

It spoke about how good the inmates of our jails have it in relation to the same healthcare available to law abiding citizens – like us.

I’d be the first to admit that we, as a society, mollycoddle jail inmates, but that’s a separate issue. He made it sound as if, under the new legislation, most of his health benefits will be taken away, or increased in price. What rubbish! Specifically, I’d like the gentleman to respond to this letter, not in scary generalities, but in hard facts.

What healthcare benefits that he had before will be not get under the new plan? Specifically, what extra costs will he now have to pay for his current level of healthcare?

Specifically, what Medicare services, or VA services, will he not get now – or which will cost him more?

It should make for some interesting reading.

Robert F. Green


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