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Two proposals to consider

I would like to make two proposals.

First: That ‘airport check-in’ becomes an Olympic sport.

Second: The word ‘burroized’ be added to the English language and appropriately translated into all languages. Clearly one can be burroized from many activities but just as clearly one can not check-in without being burroized.

Now to the sport. It should be judged 50 percent on time and 50 percent on style points. The time starts entering the airport and ends when seated on the airplane. Half of style points would be awarded by judges evaluating how frayed and harried the contestant appears during the process. The second half would be measured once seated on the plane and handed a moist towelette. Following a complete toweling off, the towelette would be weighed. The more the weight, the fewer the style points. There would be immediate disqualification for losing a passport, a ticket or valuables totaling more than $100. And voila, there is the sport - quite dangerous, in fact.

Sincerely, a frayed and harried - not to mention my towelette - traveler.

Charles Mackey

Phnom Penh



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