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Note to Fallbrook Postmaster

Yep, it’s me again. Going on four years now I keep receiving other people’s mail. On April 22, I received someone else’s very important bill or check that they won’t get on time, if at all. I’ve spoken to you personally over five times about this. I’ve spoken to your “assistants” numerous times as well. I’ve written letters. I’ve contacted Consumer Affairs.

If the Fallbrook Post Office took pride in their service and treated it like a business this would have been solved years ago. But since we can no longer rely on the Post Office, don’t blame us for using email, FedEX or UPS. These private companies get the job done without continuously raising their rates and performing less service. They don’t treat their customers with contempt!

Have you spoken to my mail carrier about the constant incompetence? Have you re-assigned this person somewhere else? Obviously not because it’s still happening!

We are your customers, not some irritating inconvenience. Without us you don’t have a job that provides health insurance and a nice retirement pension.

I apologize to the mail carriers at the Fallbrook Post Office who actually do take pride in their jobs and do it well. You are a rare breed in an increasingly serviceless world.

Darlene Seale


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