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SR76 'Southern Route Alternative' is the best one

Why is there so much “push back” from Caltrans and the County to re-routing Hwy 76 to a more southern route, which would leave the present 76 as a needed local business alternate?

The new “Southern Route Alternative” is obviously better, as it allows safer access to both homes and local businesses ands gives Fallbrook an additional emergency evacuation route.

In comparison, the “Northern Route Alternative”, which is favored by county politicians, expands Hwy 76’s current footprint. If built, it would result in reduced emergency and fire response times, increased traffic lights, or unregulated and unsafe entry and exits from our local roads. There would be increased traffic noise, more pollution and most importantly, a safety evacuation issue - people will only turn one way (west) onto Hwy 76 from streets located on the north side. Hope that’s not where a fire is located!

So why is the better “Southern Route Alternative” being chucked aside? Could it have to do with a proposed county park that is known to be the legacy of a North County Supervisor? Or, maybe consideration to a wealthy, well-connected landowner? Or, perhaps political mischief between state politicians and Caltrans?

Whatever it is, it is not in the best interest of our community. Please consider one point: this routing choice will affect our area for multiple decades, long after the politicians make their speeches, cut their ribbons and depart.

We have to make the right decision now. Funding is not the issue - the issue is bad politics.

Peter Kunasz


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