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Re: 'Re: 'Consequences of Obamacare' [Letter, Village News, 4-9-10]' 4-15-10

The “Fellow” responding to my letter of 4-9-10 totally missed the point I was making. Instead, he went on about things I had not mentioned nor inferred, but, they demand comment.

My point was that felons have nearly unlimited appeals and the new health care law has no appeal process whatsoever! I said “We will die long before the criminal on death row.”

Now, “for some interesting reading” unlike his letter, I will respond to his two points. First, “Health benefits will be taken away.” Specifically, I have a “Ford” supplement plan like so many seniors and I fear it will go away in its present form just like Flood Insurance has, and now only offered by the Feds.

Many doctors have made it clear they will not treat Medicare patients due to the low reimbursement rate and many will retire before this is implemented. Second, HC “---will be increased in price.” Obamacare will cost more than the original bill indicated as revealed by a recent government agency report, which for some, means ‘taken away.’ The thought that millions of people can be added to a plan, even those with pre-existing conditions, without adding cost is preposterous given several reports that many health care insurers have already indicated to their customers that there will be huge increases in premiums.

You may not be affected since Pendleton is so nearby, but for the rest of us, hold onto your wallets.

Fred Stephens


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