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Why is Arizona Senate Bill 1070 a problem?

I have read thoroughly Arizona Senate Bill 1070 and guess what? I don’t see a word on racial profiling nor any other claims the Latino supporters are spewing. I do read if a person is stopped for speeding or some other violation of the law, they can be asked to produce a valid identification card. Why is Arizona Senate Bill 1070 a problem?

If one travels to a foreign country, is he or she not asked to produce valid identification? I am happy to produce my proper identification if asked by law enforcement. Why is this a problem for Latinos? You can bet if you travel to Mexico, you will be asked to produce a valid identification with other required documents or else you will be facing jail time.

If you don’t like Arizona SB 1070, then go back to where you came from. This law in not unconstitutional or racial; it is rule of law that all must abide by.

I have a suggestion for all Latinos: go back to Mexico and fix your crooked government. That is the real issue. Mexico blames all its problems on the United States. We have Chairman Obama apologizing to Mexico and the rest of the world for all of America’s indiscretions.

I would urge every American, no matter what skin color, to communicate with your local, state, federal representatives to put a plan in place to secure our borders. Once the borders are secure, then logical discussion can begin on “illegal immigration.”

Jim Lowery


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