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Law enforcement ramps up for summer

This summer, Fallbrook will have a greater law enforcement presence than ever, said Sheriff’s Lt. Phil Brust, commander of the Fallbrook substation, in an interview last week.

“We are getting an influx of patrol personnel,” said Brust, who called the situation “very fortunate.” Brust said it will enable him to implement a plan this summer that will include more directed patrol in the area, including a special focus on monitoring youth-related activities while children are out of school.

“I will be able to take personnel from each patrol team and form a special projects unit; a community-oriented policing unit who will perform tasks such as setting up and implementing DUI checkpoints, safety checkpoints, monitoring compliance with the social host ordinance and working on the anti-gang project,” explained Brust.

“It will allow us to move ahead on a lot of projects that we deem very important,” he added.

Brust explained that directed patrol is planned based on crime mapping results. “We can target patrols for areas that are experiencing a rash of crimes, such as vehicle burglaries, and more.”

The lieutenant also said the added staffing will be beneficial for surveillance details, alcoholic beverage control operations, and more.

“We will be able to increase the number of ‘shoulder taps’ we do,” said Brust, who explained that a ‘shoulder tap’ operation is when an undercover law enforcement detail is conducted to see if individuals located near liquor stores will purchase alcohol for a minor.

“Essentially it’s catching people that are willing to buy beer for kids,” said Brust. “We will also be able to spend more time monitoring alcohol establishments.”

All in all, Brust said the influx will allow the Fallbrook substation to do “much more, because the community is expanding at such a fast rate.”

“It will really allow us to work on some specific crime problems,” he said.

Brust said “rover” units will be roaming the area this summer looking for any violations of the social host ordinance (adults allowing minors to consume alcoholic beverages on their property).

“We are really going to try to combat underage drinking here and monitor more situations where youth are gathering,” Brust said.

“Hopefully local parents will act responsibility this summer,” said Brust.

Recapping the past few months, Brust said since October his command has performed fifteen saturation patrols to identify and remove drunk drivers from the Fallbrook roadways.

“We also done four gang compliance operations (sweeps) since February,” he noted. “They have been very effective and there are more in the works.”

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