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Will our local judiciary's independence be hijacked?

This election will be different: Failure to vote for judges may result in the induction of the slate of inferior judges selected by a socially regressive right wing organization.

The current team of highly skilled and responsible judges could be voted out, damaging the professional independence of the judiciary, subjecting it to dictation from outside religious and fringe political brokers.

Who are these people? A group of fundamentalists called which was formed last year to install a slate of judges they selected based on narrow religious views. The objection to this group is not their organized participation in the democratic process, but their selection of a slate of inferior candidates rated by the county bar as “Lacking Qualifications.”

A small, radical faction can create serious damage to our judiciary if voter apathy prevails June 8.

The proven and highly qualified incumbent judges are Robert Longstreth, Lantz Lewis and Joel Wohlfeil. Endorsed by the bar, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, retired Sheriff Bill Kolender, local legal organizations and dozens of other Superior Court judges, they are pillars of the Superior Court.

They have a staunch advocate in *DA Bonnie Dumanis: “In looking at these judges, they have a background and record that one should be proud of.”

“We need to get prepared for a big fight,” said Dumanis, a Longstreth supporter. “Make no mistake about it. They are going to be organized and they are going to raise money. And it is a fight for the independence of the judiciary.”

Joseph Crews

*Source of quotes on file with Village News


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