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Caltrans decision a fire trap for Fallbrook

Fallbrook needs our help. Caltrans and other agencies are ignoring our pleas and within a few days will make a decision that will cause permanent harm.

By choosing the northern route to complete the east-west connection between I-15 and I-5, Caltrans is proposing a potential death trap for residents.

SR76 is one of the few escape routes in the event of fire. If the northern route is chosen, in the event of fire, thousands will be trying to turn onto this high-speed highway into oncoming cars and trucks. In all probability, deaths will occur. Just two years ago, a massive firestorm caused evacuation of 40,000-plus people from our town. We had little time to evacuate; next time we may not be so lucky.

Even without fire, the northern proposal would create major difficulties for drivers. Trying to get on the highway to go east or west would be extremely difficult. In many situations, drivers wouldn’t be able to go east because of a center divider, and they couldn’t turn left onto the highway from their side streets. It would force them to go miles out of their way, creating more traffic on South Mission Road.

Please prevent this from happening, since there is a perfectly reasonable alternative.

The southern route avoids all these problems. In the event of fire, residents would be able to use existing routes to and from their homes. Property prices would not be negatively affected.

Money, power and influence should not trump safety of its citizens.

Richard Rogstad


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