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Los Angeles boycott of Arizona for new SB40

I just read a great letter from the Arizona Corporation Commission to Mayor Villaraigosa concerning the Los Angeles boycott of Arizona over immigration issues. It seems the Arizona Corporation Commission is going to cut-off California’s water supply. I say hooray!

I have provided a copy of this letter to the Village News. I fully support Arizona and applaud Governor Brewer for her courageous battle with the federal government and other uninformed states. The problem is that from the President on down his chain of command has not read one word of SB40, yet they criticize SB40 and stir up the proverbial pot.

Now President Obama is siding with Felipe Calderon, “our nation is not identified by borders, but by bonds.” What is that all about? Calderon has great nerve to criticize our great country when he is unable to clean up the mess in Mexico. Calderon should pack his bag and return to Mexico as quickly as possible. Maybe he will be kidnapped by his own Mexican bandits.

“It is not only necessary to Americanize the immigrants of foreign births who settle among us, but it is even more necessary for those among us who are by birth and descent already Americans not to throw away our birthright, and, with incredible and contemptible folly, wander back to bow down before the alien gods our forefathers forsook. “ –President Theodore Roosevelt, April 1894.

Perhaps Chairman Obama should read the famous words of President Theodore Roosevelt; God knows he needs some serious rudder.

Jim Lowery


Copy of Arizona Corporation Commission letter on file with Village News.


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