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We need the military to take over oil spill cleanup

I have a deep concern that this oil spill could destroy the ecological balance of planet Earth and ultimately perhaps even destroy Earth as we know it. I do not think BP is as interested in stopping the gushing of the oil, as in containing as much of it as possible, to sell. I believe they are willing to absorb the penalties, expecting to make billions anyway, no matter what the cost to the ocean, sea life, coral and beaches. They are the worst kind of terrorists. They are terrorists of greed.

I think it might be possible to stop this leak by burying it with tons of gravel, bricks and cement. It would prohibit drilling for more oil but would stop the destruction.

BP has not been significantly successful in correcting this devastation to our ocean on its own thus far. We need the military to take over and make BP pay for it.

Christine Assad


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