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Who are the "good" judges in this election?

“I never know how to vote on judges, so I just don’t,” is a familiar comment at election time. Irked, I resolved to get the goods on ‘em this time. Seems the Spring Valley’s Zion Community Church beat me to it. They had already selected their candidates for judges back in December [1]. Searching further, I found a slate of five candidates endorsed by the SD Republican Party [2]. Some of the names on the GOP list matched those of the church. So I thought I was making progress.

Then I found a list of three candidates endorsed by the SD Democratic Party [3] - Judges Robert Longstreth, Lantz Lewis and Joel Wohlfeil. These names were not on the other two lists. Confounderation! A Baptist church, the GOP and the Democrats all have different lists. This sounded political. Just who are the qualified judges?

Then I found a list with all eleven judicial candidates, with ratings yet, by the San Diego County Bar Association.

“The SDCBA provides our ratings as a service to San Diego’s voters,” said Patrick Hosey, SDCBA President. “It is difficult to find information about individual judicial candidates, and the SDCBA aims to aid voters in making informed decisions. We are committed to a fair and accurate judicial candidate evaluation process in order to provide the most meaningful information for voters in our county.”

Bottom line: The five good judges, rated “Well Qualified” (the highest rating), are Robert Longstreth, Lantz Lewis, Joel Wohlfeil, Stephen Patrick Clark and Richard Monroy.

Joseph Crews


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